For Heather

So Heather my dear, you told me to write in this so you could know what the heck was going on in my life ( becuase you are one of the few who read this) so here I am writing in it!
I don't actully have a lot to say, but I would like to suggest that everyone watch " The Upside of Anger", not paticularly in the theatres, but eventually, it's well done.
I do have to say though that I think my mom is currently going through her mid-life crisis, suddenly feeling that she hasn't done anything with her life, and that she is currently useless, but I just wish I could tell her that she had done so much and she has nothing to worry about, I however doubt that. I wnat to tell her she's done a damn fine job of raising me, but even if I did get a chance to talk to her minus the yelling, she wouldn't belive me!
I may have said previously that I lie a lot. Not big lies, but white lies. Lies to get me out of trouble, and I seem to need to tells those a lot. Sometimes I tell them for fun, just to keep my hand in it all, but recently something happened. I met ( well I met him in Septemberish) and found out I can't lie to him. No matter how hard I try, I can't lie to him!! I practically have an allergic reaction!! I knida trashed his place for fun, and becuase I had nothing else to do (it was completly spontaneous) and I was on the phone with him and shaking, literally shaking! I was planning on lying and telling him I had no idea what he was talking about, and then admitting to it a few months later, but I suddenly found my self telling him everything, and he didn't even push for it, he was just asking??It was sooo wierd!! Some might say love, other's hate, but the jury still out for me. I seriously doubt hate, I don't know him well enough to hate him!!He is seriously involved with someone else, and is (not surprizingly) not interested in me!! It's NOT love!!Mostly it really scares me, I've never met anyone like him before, and if thats what I want to do for a living, it scares me becuase there mgiht be othere's like him. I want to be an international interigator for the canadian government (that or a Child Psycologist) and if I meet more people like him, that might not work!

So...Where have I been?

I havne't written in my blog much recently becuase not a lot has happened all at once? Usually thats what it takes for me to actually write something. I have been receiving many of contact informations about people who know people who know people in England, for me to contact and get together with when I'm there. I think I have about 100 people to talk to and have lunch with, it's going to be "interesting"! I really am actully sooo excited about going there now! I'm sooo happy I got a GAP year, and I know it's going to be like the whole world being opened up to me, and now I'm realistically planning trips. I already have palned trips to all parts of Europe, and I'm soo excited to go places with people I know, and go places alone, independently! I'm going to experience all new experience's and it's going to sooo amazing!!!I know that now I can't wait!!!